Grey Matter Art To Release “Cocaine Fiends” By Timothy Pittides

Grey Matter Art is proud to announce a new exclusive poster release for the propaganda film “Cocaine Fiends” by Timothy Pittides. This is part of “VICES”; a three poster series based on the propaganda films from the 1930’s and 1940’s. The first poster in the series,”Reefer Madness” was released on August 1st and this stunning first entry that begins the journey into our society’s need to control and be controlled. 

GMA is incredibly pleased to release this as an exclusive poster at New York Comic Con at their booth #2366, running from October 8th-11th.

Any remaining copies will go on sale Monday, October 12th at 1PM EST at Grey Matter Art. 


“Cocaine Fiends”
Artist: Timothy Pittides
Size: 18×24
Regular Edition: 75/$35.00
Paper: French Packing Chip Kraft-Tone
Printed By: VG Kids

Here is what Timothy had to say about the project:

” With the second poster in the VICES series, I wanted a central piece to fit in between Reefer Madness and the third and final poster and Cocaine Fiends seemed like a obvious choice. The film, while a bit more truthful in it’s portrayal of the drug, is still over the top and comical. It tried to capitalize on paranoia that Reefer Madness created in the public but never reached the level it’s predecessor reached. With the poster I wanted to use the women’s eyes as a drawing in point, big and wide while still maintaining her beauty and innocence ( using the white rose). The Dope Demon (That’s what I am calling him now) emerging from the vial, engulfing her, keeping her both comfortable while at the same time controlling her. He leaves a trail of orange roses which symbolize energy and passion, something this vice surely invokes.  I also wanted a synergy to the series and while in Reefer Madness, the demon is offering her a rose which is she is staring at (Seeing Evil), Cocaine Fiends offers the Demon whispering to her, tempting her (Hearing Evil). This series has been a blast to do and wanna thank Grey Matter for the support and get ready for the third and final poster coming in November!”


If you’re going to be attending NYCC (October 8th-11th), don’t forget to stop by GMA’s booth, #2366. For all information on New York Comic Con please visit their official website.

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