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Currie Graham, Lotte Verbeek and Reggie Austin Join ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Cast

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Here are some more casting news for ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2. Currie Graham (Raising the Bar), Lotte Verbeek (Outlander) and Reggie Austin (Devious Maids) have all joined the cast.

Agent Carter_Season 2_Lotte Verbeek

In the second season we will finally get to see Mrs. Jarvis. Lotte Verbeek has been cast as Anna Jarvis, the free-spirited wife of Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy), who immediately befriends Peggy and helps her adjust to life in Los Angeles.

“For a character fans love as much as Jarvis, we had to find him a partner who would be equally beloved,” Marvel’s Jeph Loeb told EW. “Lotte brings ease, sincerity and warmth to the role that’s just perfect.”

Agent Carter_Season 2_Reggie Austin

Reggie Austin will play Dr. Jason Wilkes, a quirky, yet charismatic scientist who instantly charms Peggy — and potentially becomes her new love interest? 

“We were impressed by Reggie as soon as we met with him,” Loeb told EW. “He has a unique ability to be handsome and charming while also being extremely accessible. We knew he could portray a character whom both audiences and Peggy would love.”

Agent Carter_Season 2_Currie Graham

Currie Graham will play Calvin Chadwick, Frost’s husband, a high-powered businessman.

“We knew we needed an actor versatile enough to go head-to-head with both Hayley and Wynn, and Currie Graham is one of those actors who can truly do anything,” the executive producers told EW. “He brings a grounded, human quality to Calvin Chadwick, a complex character who lives at the center of Season 2’s intrigue.”

Stars: Haley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray and Enver Gjokaj. Dominic Cooper and Bridget Regan will reprise their respective roles as Howard Stark and Dottie Underwood.

Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ will premiere midseason on ABC.


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