‘Dracula’ Poster by Robert Sammelin

Epic Art Prints are excited to release ‘Dracula’ by Robert Sammelin, inspired by the masterpiece written by Bram Stoker.

Dracula_Robert Sammelin_Epic Art Prints

• 3 colors screen print
• Limited edition of 75
• Size: 18″x 24″ (45,7cm x 61cm)
• Printed by Les Belges
• Paper: Fischer Galerie Image 235gsm
• Signed and numbered by the artist (with a certificate of authenticity)
This poster will is available now at Epic Art Prints for €55.00 ($60).

Here is what Robert Sammelin had to say about the poster :

When asked to approach a classic genre novel, I immediately knew I wanted to illustrate Dracula. I’ve always been fascinated by the themes of vampirism; from the surface level attributes of the prince of darkness I saw as a child to the multi layered complexity of love, fear, sex and violence I see now.With this poster I wanted to explore this complexity and highlight the erotic undertones of the book that I feel are central to the themes within it. By rendering Dracula himself close to invisible, I let his fleeting presence around Mina symbolise what I see as the underlying horror of the story – control; the fear of losing control over one’s self, a fear of extacy, of indulgence and ultimately men’s fear of a female sexuality beyond their control.

About the artist:

Robert Sammelin is a swedish self taught concept artist, illustrator, graphic designer and comics creator. He has worked on covers for books, magazines and CD’s, logo designs and illustration as well as concept art for numerous video games. He works as Senior Concept Artist at DICE since 2007, making concept art and graphic design for the award winning BATTLEFIELD series, among other things.

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