Geek Art: ‘Star Wars Trilogy’ Print by Gabz

Tomorrow, Bottleneck Gallery and Acme Archives will be releasing two officially licensed ‘Star Wars Trilogy’ screen prints by Grzegorz Domaradzki (aka Gabz).

Both the 7-color regular and 6-color variant 36″ x 24″ screen prints will go on sale Today, November 5th, at noon EST at Bottleneck Gallery. The variant is an edition of 225 but they’ll print as many regulars as people order through the weekend, ending at 11:59pm EST November 8.

Regular Edition

Regular Edition 

Variant Edition

Variant Edition

Here’s what Gabz had to say about the project:

“I have always been a huge Star Wars fan and I cannot even describe how profoundly thrilled and honored I was when I was given the opportunity to work on the original Star Wars trilogy,” said Gabz. “Although at first I planned on doing something clean, iconic and centered primarily around Luke Skywalker, in the end I decided to try to capture the most of Star Wars plot with very carefully picked characters and essential scenes from all 3 episodes. I would not like to reveal all the details so that the fans could discover all the hidden clues themselves. Thus, I will just say that I started building the composition around the Dark Side represented by Darth Vader and his conflict between the soon-to-become-a-Jedi-Knight, Luke Skywalker.”

“There are many amazing Star Wars prints out there, but I do not think I have ever seen anybody trying to do the original trilogy on one canvas before. I do hope that the fans will enjoy the final result as much as I do.”

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