Kickstart This: ‘Pop Cats Vol. 1’ by The Ninjabot


If you’re a cat lover, or a geek art lover like we are, you will definitely appreciate these awesome watercolor illustrations.

Introducing you to The Ninjabot, a husband (Arnel) and wife (Estefania) team with a passion for design and illustration, who have created ‘Pop Cats – Vol. 1’. You may be asking yourself, what is ‘Pop Cats’? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s some more info about the project, courtesy of Estefania:

Pop Cats is about a limited edition book filled with watercolor illustrations of cute little chubby cats re-imagined as different Pop Culture characters like Furryosa, Calico Ren, Agent Catter, Meowzaki, Fluffy Quinn, Rocatteer, Kitty Stardust, Linx, Pawnisher, and many more!


How freaking adorable is Agent Catter and Fluffy Quinn?!

Via their Kickstarter:

The book will contain over 100 full color pages, and over 50 detailed cat illustrations. It will be a 7″x7″ perfect bound softcover book. Each cat illustration is inspired by a different pop culture character, anywhere from movies, comics, historical figures, and much more! 

This will be a limited edition printing so each book will be hand numbered.


How awesome and creative is the Adopt-a-Pop Cat kit?!

In some of the tiers we have some fun rewards where you can “adopt” some of the original illustrations in our adorable Adopt-a-Pop Cat kit, or you can even put your cat in the book!

They are asking for $10,000 for the project, and are currently at $8,700 with 4 days remaining! If you love what you see, please help them meet their goal. I already did. 🙂
Here’s the link to their Kickstarter project: Pop Cats – Vol. 1 by Ninjabot.
Make sure to follow The Ninjabot on: Facebook | InstagramTwitter Tumblr

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