The Grey Bastards Scheduled for Debut at CONjuration 2015

(ATLANTA, GEORGIA) —  Fantasy author Jonathan French, creator of the popular series Autumn’s Fall Saga, has announced the release of his third novel, THE GREY BASTARDS. The gritty novel, centered around a young half-orc warrior named Jackal, is a stand-alone work separate from Autumn’s Fall. The book is scheduled to debut at CONjuration, an annual Harry Potter-themed fantasy convention held in Atlanta at the Marriott Century Center, 13-15 November 2015. The book will be offered exclusively at CONjuration before it goes on sale to the public on Monday, 16 November, available on in both print and Kindle editions.

“I am excited to bring my fans something that is very different than what I have written before,” stated French. “THE GREY BASTARDS brings a vibrant new twist to the world of fantasy literature. It utilizes many of the iconic elements of fantasy – old kingdoms, clan conflicts, fantastical creatures and non-human inhabitants – but with warriors more reminiscent of “Sons of Anarchy” than Tolkien’s noble allies, riding giant war hogs as they fight to survive against a myriad of enemies.”

THE GREY BASTARDS is set in the decadent kingdom of Hispartha, where for the sparse inhabitants of the Lot Lands, the threat of orc raids looms over daily life. The last Great Incursion is thirty years in the past and Hispartha has all but abandoned the Lots. Only the half-orc gangs known as ‘hoofs’ stand between their former human masters and the vengeance of their full-blood cousins. Riding massive hogs bred for war, the mongrel warriors guard the borderlands that divide the worlds of their mixed heritage.

Of all the hoofs, the Grey Bastards is the most notorious, but the only leader they have ever known is dying. Jackal, a young, cunning and charismatic rider, intends to take his place. His designs are bolstered by two childhood friends; Oats, a hulking mongrel with more orc than human blood, and Fetching, the only female in all the hoofs.

Jackal’s plans, however, are thrown into turmoil when a mysterious betrayal saddles the Grey Bastards with a captive elf woman. Her reclusive people want her back, but her return could bring war to the Lot Lands. And what of the foreign sorcerer who seeks friendship with the Bastards? Could his sudden arrival aid Jackal’s bid for leadership or upset the delicate struggle for power?

French is best-known for his epic fantasy series Autumn’s Fall Saga. His debut novel, The Exiled Heir, has been hailed as “…a combination of pen strokes that successfully resurrects the old world fantasy concepts of Beowulf, Prydain, Oz and Masters of the Universe.” His second book, The Errantry of Bantam Flyn, launched in July 2014 on the Kindle bestseller lists at #6 in Norse/Viking fantasy and #36 in Myths/Legends.

French will be appearing all three days at CONjuration, conducting meet and greets and book
signings. He will also be speaking on a variety of panels, covering topics from independent publishing
to comics and fantasy. For a full detail of his schedule at CONjuration, visit


I’m very appreciative to Liz reaching out to us to let us know about this convention and (as a huge HP fan) more than a little bummed that we didn’t learn about it sooner. If any of you are headed to ATL this weekend, please let us know how it goes for you AND of course, stop by Jonathan French’s table and take a look at his work!



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