First BTS Footage From Matt Reeves’ ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’

War for the Planet of the Apes_Logo

Do you have what it takes to stand with Caesar?

First behind-the-scenes footage from ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ was released last night during a promo that aired during last night’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ 

In the promo, director Matt Reeves and actor Andy Serkis (Caesar) are asking fans to upload a video of themselves doing their “most lifelike ape imitation” for a chance to appear in the movie.

Full details about the contest can be found here.

Andy Serkis as Cesar, Judy Greer as Cornelia, Karin Konoval as Maurice, Gabriel Chavarria, Woody Harrelson as the Colonel, Steve Zahn as a new ape, Amiah Miller and Sara Canning.

Director by Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and screenwriter Mark Bomback will both be returning for the next installment of the franchise, with Chernin Entertainment and Dylan Clark producing.

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ is set for release in July 2017. 

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