Disney Art: “Jolly Holliday” by Kevin M Wilson

Jolly Holiday by Ape Meets Girl

Screen Print
Limited Edition of 185
Prints are available now for purchase at Hero Complex Gallery for $55.

Here’s what Kevin had this to say about his new print:

‘Mary Poppins is a bit of a family favourite in our house, and it inevitably forms part of the Christmas TV schedule every year here in the UK. So, when HCG approached me about doing something for Christmas, it was a no-brainer. I thought this would be a great scene to capture too. Not only because the song title, Jolly Holiday, was perfect for the season, but I was interested in the challenge of producing an illustration that represented both live action and animated characters in the same image.

The scene takes place inside one of Bert’s chalk pavement drawings, so I knew it was going to be fun to try an replicate that look, and to really go to town with colour while trying to evoke the nostalgia! I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.’ 

Detail Shots:

Jolly Holiday_Detail_by Ape Meets Girl6

Jolly Holiday_Detail_by Ape Meets Girl5

Jolly Holiday_Detail_by Ape Meets Girl4

Jolly Holiday_Detail_by Ape Meets Girl

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