2015 Highlights

2015 was very very good to WeGeekGirls! The following is in no way everything good that happened (because I just can’t list all of it) but we wanted to give a round up and shout out to the things made us the happiest!

Wizard World Raleigh

One a rainy Saturday last April (I think), Gigi and I drove up to Raleigh to experience our first Wizard World event. We didn’t know what to expect (as we are use to Dragon Con) and were DELIGHTED that is all took place under ONE ROOF. It was pretty incredible to walk the entire Con multiple times in one day. Yes, we got to feast our eye on David Tennant, William Shatner and Kevin Sorbo BUT the highlight for us was being able to get front row seats for Sean Astin’s panel. He is not only a great actor but an incredible person.

WarFire Forge

Also in April, Gigi and I got a chance to get our dwarf on by hanging out with Brock from WarFire Forge for the day. With Brock’s help and guidance we were able to fashion a dagger from scratch. It was amazing to not only see the refining process but to participate. We are eagerly awaiting the next time we can go visit!!



Charlotte Writer’s Group

I am going to write more about them in a different post BUT meeting Gail, Larry, Darin, Matthew, John, Jay, Cali, David, James, Laura, Melisa, Theresa, Nicole, and Erin made a HUGE difference this year. Thank you!



I don’t even know quite know where to start with this Convention because it really changed everything for us!!

This was our first time attending a local con and we found that we quite like it. Embassy Suites was a great location for this event. It was very refreshing to be able to walk down the U shaped layout, end up at the grill for a bite and a beer and get right back on track. Making it to the panels we wanted to see was a breeze (I think we took in about 15) and the content was on point.

Because of my new connection with the Charlotte Writer’s Group (another shout out to all you lovely people), we knew a few faces going in and it helped us get our feet wet. From starting with author panels, we branched out into the podcasting panels and from there, the film panels.

Gigi and I were blown away with just how much talent, hardwork, dedication and loyalty we found within the hallways of ConCarolinas. It was very inspiring.

The vendor room was also impressive, housing incredible artistry and the brilliant featured guests.

Some of our favorite connections were (and still are)

Matt, Joey and The Charlotte Geeks

A Sticky Obsession (AW)

Davey Beauchamp (Gallifrey Pirate Radio)

Darryl TheSeed (Poprika Podcast)

Christine Parker w/ Sick Chick Flicks

Brett Mullen w/ The Drive in Film Series

Amber Micheal

Matt Busch & Lin Z

Alex Matsuo

(and so many more)


Dragon Con

This was our third time at Dragon and, as always, it was pretty incredible. We always enjoy the Tolkien track and have made several friends there over the years. In fact, we are well on our way to meeting all of the Dwarves from the Hobbit movies 😉

The Flash and Arrow panels some of the main attractions this year and we were able to be front and center for a few for them. Stephen and Robbie Amell are incredible and John Barrowman is a RIOT! Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker were amazing also.

It wouldn’t be Dragon Con without the Walk of Fame and it made some dreams come true this year! You can see from the title image that we met the some of the GREATS.

We really enjoyed being able to meet up with friends this year (thanks to ConCarolinas) and it made all the difference to stay in host hotel 🙂


Charlotte Comic Con

This was a great little one day Con that happens several times throughout the year. We happened to catch it at the end of Summer. Here we saw some friends (Matt, Joey, Davey and John) and met a new one (David) who told us about TFCon (Transformers Con).



TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!!! You will have to forgive us our super excitement about attending a 1 genre convention (have we mentioned that Dragon was our first convention EVER?) but we jumped at the chance! Especially since it was in Charlotte this year. If you have never been to a one genre con, you absolutely should!!!

I will also take a min to remind you that we are in our 30’s so we grew up on G1.

We were stoked that Dan Gilvezan (G1 Bumblebee), Gregg Berger (G1 Grimlock) and Richard Newman (Beast Wars Rhinox) were featured guests and it was pretty inedible to see them. They were the judges for a fan audition-able read through (which they also read for) that was fantastic! I am sure the winners were very excited to share a few moments with the greats!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see from the slideshow above, the vendor room was huge and FULL of collectibles, comic book artists, fan art and photographs (even our friend AW was there selling his custom decals).

The entertainment was rounded out by a showing of Transformers: The Movie (1986) and an audio dramatization by

The Audio Knights Theatre (BRILLIANT)

We had a great time! Thanks for bringing it to Charlotte powers that be!


We are TWO!!

I can’t even believe that we have only been Gigi and CC for just over two years. Our gratitude is through the ROOF for all the support and friendship we have received, this year especially.

We appreciate ALL of you who interact with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You make our little corner of the world better and brighter!



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