Introducing MaudeArt


Greetings gals and guys!! Happy Wednesday!


The Fellowship was a category we added at the end of last year when we became aware that WGGs is super blessed to have not only a super devoted fan base BUT also a super talented one.

We first met Maude a couple of years ago via our shared enthusiasm and support of the show The Quest  . As fellow members of The Quest Army , we have shared much social media time over the past few years.

I was on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and something made me follow an exchange that Maude and another member of TQA were having. That is where I saw this …



It didn’t take me long to reach out to Maude and find out where I could get that and more geektastic goodness.


Here’s a sample of her fandom based collection:



Maude also has a selection of non fan based creations:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.





Meet Maude



Jewelry making has always been a passion of mine!

Ever since I was young, I was fixing my grandma’s broken jewelry when I was visiting her.
I always had a special place in my heart for handmade craft and artisan
So, less than a year ago, I decided to put my passion to good use and started creating jewelry

I’m a self thought jewelry maker – I did not follow any courses; I simply observe how the jewelry people wear is made, read or view video online and try to reproduce, with my own personal twist, the piece I see.

I started with a simple 1 strand bead bracelet and now, I make 9 strand bracelets, necklace and earrings.

From the moment I get the idea of what I want to make, it can take few hours and up to 2days to complete a piece.

Not long ago a friend of mine, Rebecca M.Brown, gave me the idea of doing geek jewelry, said it would sure be popular among the geek community.

I started looking for charms and that’s when the ideas came out : why not start with beaded geek bookmarks? And with the success the charms encountered, I decided to try myself at making jewelry…and that’s when the Dr.Who earrings were born 🙂


I was really impressed when I saw the snitch bookmark and am even more so after viewing all of Maude’s work.


Here is where you can find both Maude and her crafts…


Twitter: @maude_art
Etsy store: www.etsy.come/shop/MaudeArt


Welcome to the Fellowship of WeGeekGirls Maude!!! Keep following your passion and making incredible pieces! I will be stopping by your shop to get something for myself very very soon!!



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