Daydreams: Building 2016

**No, this isn’t a story created out of my dreams. I haven’t worked on those in a long time BUT there will be more on the way this year!**

I wanted to take a few moments give you a glimpse of other side of WeGeekGirls…the side that isn’t always visible via the computer screen.


GiGi are ALWAYS in WGG mode. We have very different jobs by day but I can honestly say that nothing is closer in our minds than this website and where we want to take in the coming year. We aren’t able to collaborate in person as much as we need (or would like to) but our ‘friendship first’ philosophy allows us to almost always be on the same page and when we aren’t, it really is effortless to get there. I hear from people all the time that we seem to have the perfect Yin/Yang dynamic and I have to agree with them. We are blessed, we are aware and grateful for it!!

Dragon Con 2015_Walk of Fame-2

The website for us, as with many things, is always evolving and with it, so must we. This year is ushering in way more than we could have ever hoped for when we started and it is SUPER exciting!.

Recently our reader/viewership multiplied x5 and we owe each and every one of you a huge THANK YOU for that! We appreciate you coming to us to feed your geektastic needs and giving us the boosts we need to keep reaching for new and creative content! Please keep sharing the love and we will be sure to do the same!


On that note, we have a few new things coming up this year. Some of those are still in development so I can’t speak on them yet but I will share a few things…



We are adding more conventions to our rotation this year and we REALLY want to meet you all there. Take a look at our tentative schedule as it stands now and see if you can add some of these to your own list!        March 25-27         May 1st, August 7th & December 11th       June 3rd-5th    June 25 & 26th    October 6-9th

There may be a few more local conventions added if we are able to make them work but right now, that’s a good start. Do you have one in mind that you think we should add to our list? Please reach out and let us know!



It’s a word, I checked 😉 One of the ways that WeGeekGirls is stepping things up this year is by taking opportunities to get out from behind our computers, cameras/ books and building face-to-face relationships with our fellow geektastic entrepreneurs and, of course, our readers.

We have already been able to guest on podcasts such as   Thanks Joey, Matt and Carol     Thanks SEED     Thanks Jay, Tom, Andy and Grant

AND…drum roll please…we will be attending ConCarolinas as Guests! So, if any of you are aching to actually hear us (in person) gush about (or fight for) what we geek out about, that is your first chance to do so. We are nervous but VERY excited to be attending at this level alongside friends that we made at this very Con last year. If you are able to make it to the Charlotte, NC area that weekend, please do!



As I mentioned, more is one it’s way, we just want to have it sorted before we share it.

Just in case it needs to be said, we love interacting with you! Always feel free to like, comment and share our content AND let us know if you have something you think would be a good fit to share on our site.

GiGi is the art/artist, cosplay and behind the scenes guru. If you have anything you think she should take a look at, here email is

I (CC) can tackle anything special feature related…authors/interviews/book reviews/releases, geek related crafting, geek related/themed locations and my email is

OR you can always find both of us



 Hope to see you on the road this year!!



3 thoughts on “Daydreams: Building 2016

  1. Paul Bowler says:

    Great to hear you are all doing so well! This is a fantastic site and always enjoy visiting and reading. I’m in the UK and your site keeps me up to date with all the latest episode of my fave shows, as sometimes we are a few episodes behind here in the UK. Keep up the great work and enjoy all the conventions you go to this year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • CC says:

      Thank you so much for all of your support Paul! Your comments and encouragement keep us doing what we are doing!

      Visiting the UK is high on the lists of things to make happen! Here’s hoping we can make it so soon!

      Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

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