Geek Art: “Fusion” by Brendon Flynn

Mad Duck Posters is excited to work once again with the extremely talented Brendon Flynn on the new release “Fusion”.  This fine art giclee print is inspired by David Cronenberg’s 1986 masterpiece, “The Fly”.


18X24 Fine Art giclee print. The edition size is just 55 and the cost is $65.

Here’s what Flynn had to say about the release:

“I, like so many people, am a huge fan of David Cronenberg’s remake of The Fly. It has been one of my favorite horror/ sci-fi movies since a friend showed it to me on VHS in middle school.  My goal was to create a bold, straightforward image that didn’t require much interpretation and could be instantly recognized by anyone that had seen the film.  When sketching ideas for the painting, I was not concerned with sticking strictly to Cronenberg’s imagery, but instead wanted to reimagine an alternative outcome for the creature known as “Brundlefly.” The title and visual theme to this painting was inspired by the conversation between Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldbloom) and his computer and the one cryptic word regarding his fate …”Fusion.”

Prints go on sale Friday, July 1st at 2Pm eastern time at Mad Duck Posters.
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