Introducing PINEVILLE

Something pretty exciting is happening and it’s right in the WGGs circle of friends!

Ok, who am I kidding, there is always something exciting happening in our circle (which truly grows every single day).

Back to the point, and the current reason for excitement, WeGeekGirls would like to introduce you to our friend Darryl “The Seed” Mansel!!!!!



We first met Darryl at last years ConCarolinas where he was sharing his knowledge of the podcasting world.

Darryl created the Poprika Podcast Network and served as its host for 5 Seasons.


He took a hiatus as host to work on a personal project and the true feature of this post…his comic book debut…PINEVILLE

A long time comic book super fan, Darryl has turned hobby into passion and along with Jordi Perez (artist) and DC Hopkins (lettering) created PINEVILLE .

The story follows two characters in the same town, Cooper (who is at the beginning of his prison term and Cassandra (a women working two jobs to make ends meet).

In Collect Calls, Darryl returns to the airwaves to keep current/future fans updated on the progress of PINEVILLE.


Although PINEVILLE is in still in process of being pitched to prospective publishers, we were able to get our hands on the first 6 pages to give you a taste of what is to come…



PINEVILLE is currently planned to be a 4 volume series. So if you like what you have seen/heard…

Follow @Seedalicious

and join the Poprikans


Personally, I can’t wait to see how PINEVILLE unfolds. Trust me when I say that I have asked for more than the above 6 pages and I have to wait, just like everyone else, for this project to be picked up by a publisher. So, help us boost the signal by sharing this…over and over again 😉

P.S.- Malcolm Boddington might be the best warden name, EVER!!!




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