Hook 25th Anniversary – The Lost Boys Reunite For An Epic Photo Shoot, Remembering Robin Williams

Hook 25th Anniversary Reunion


Steven Spielberg’s ‘Hook’ turns 25 on December 11th, and the actors who played the Lost Boys — Ryan J. Francis, Raushan Hammond, Isaiah Robinson, Thomas Tulak, Dante Basco, Brett Willis, Ahmad Stoner, Bo Gheorghe, Bryan Willis, and James Madio — reunited for an awesome photoshoot.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, producer and 22 Vision founder Brian Pocrass spent two years to get the gang back together. 22 Vision, a production firm that specializes in cast reunions, previously reunited actors from ‘School of Rock’, ‘The Little Rascals’, and ‘Problem Child.’ 

Sadly, the most important Lost Boy is missing. Dante Basco told Entertainment tonight that Robin Williams death was the death of our childhood. “I think for all of us [Robin’s death] was the death of our childhood,” Basco, who played Rufio, told Entertainment Tonight. “There’s sadness there, also there’s a lot of space to kind of celebrate one of the most legendary artists of our time. … [Robin] really taught me at a young age what it means to be a star, what it means to be a leader on a set. Everything you want Robin Williams to be he delivered in spades.”

Check out the photos and videos below (before you watch the videos, have a box of kleenex ready):

You can see more at the 22 Vision Facebook.

Robin Williams Tribute by The Lost Boys:


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