WGGs Geeky Finds: Fan-made ‘Firefly’ Animated Series, ‘Justice League’ Weird Trailer, Stranger Things Mash-Up and More

WGGs Geeky Finds

Welcome to We Geek Girls (WGGs) “Geeky Finds,” where we share all things geeky, from collectibles, geeky apparel, videos, and more.

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Toys Revealed In Stop-Motion Animated Short:

Awesome Fan-made ‘Firefly’ Animated Series:

Beautiful Disney Mural by Adam Hargreaves:

He definitely wins father of the year award. #parentingdoneright

‘Justice League’ Weird Trailer by Aldo Jones:

You can’t unsee this.

Marvel Little Golden Book Library:

Start them young. 😀

Available at ThinkGeek for $24.99.

Marvel Little Golden Book Library

Check Out This Amazing Full-Size, 3D Printed Stargate Replica:

To complete this project, VIGO Universal uses innovative technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and milling. More than 1000 working hours, 2000 printings, 10000 cuttings have been necessary to realize this original project!

Darth Vader Lightsaber Spatula:

The perfect gift for that Chef in your life! A must have for me. Especially when I’m making Star Wars pancakes using Darth Vader, Yoda and Stormtrooper pancake molds. 😊 Available at ThinkGeek for only $15.

Darth Vader Lightsaber Spatula

‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ Mashup:


Jon Favreau’s ‘The Jungle Book’ Gets An Honest Trailer:

“Follow along on a young man’s search for acceptance in this winning combination of ‘The Lion King,’ a Ben Kingsley nature documentary, and a kid-friendly version of ‘The Revenant.'”

‘Doctor Who’: 12th Doctor 2nd Sonic Screwdriver:

This is a must buy!! I love the look of the new Sonic Screwdriver.

Pre-Order now for $34.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Doctor Who 12th Doctor 2nd Sonic Screwdriver

Fast & Furious 7 – Star Wars VFX Mash-Up:

Watch Vin Diesel go head-to-head against Jason Statham in a lightsaber battle.

Avengers: Full House:


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