Nerd in the City (and Sand)

Hello Ladies and Gents!!!


This gorgeous gal right here is Liz…


I took this off of her Facebook page (sorry Liz) 😉


She has been a member of the Fellowship of WGGs for going on two years now so mentioning her is LONG OVER DUE!!!

I can’t remember who discovered each other first BUT when we first (virtually) met Liz she was bringing the world her nerdy fabulousness from New York City, hence Nerd in the City. In addition to her blog, Liz also did a web series there about dating in the city.

Check that out here….

About a year ago she returned to her home in Florida (there’s the sand) and continues to bring her nerdy fabulousness via her blog, by hosting a monthly #NerdySlumberParty and monthly Instagram challenges.

Last month I just had to join in the fun along with her.

She has a REALLY fun one going on this month #30DaysofNerdyHair

Take a look at the challenge for September.


and my personal favorite so far…

It isn’t too late to join the challenge SO head on over to 



Don’t forget to follow @NerdintheCity on Twitter and @NerdintheSand on Instagram!

We don’t want you to miss the next #NerdySlumberParty OR #Instachallenge


Hey Lizzie…SURPRISE!!!! I told you we were going to show you some LOVE!!! Thank you for bringing your fun, bright, creative and beautiful spirit to the interwebs so we can continue to be inspired by it!!


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