Geek Art: “Rogue Trooper” By Florian Bertmer

Tomorrow, Vice Press will be releasing a brand new, officially licensed 2000 AD screen print by Florian Bertmer, titled “Rogue Trooper.”

Florian Bertmer is a huge 2000 AD fan and has brought Nu-Earth to life in this insanely detailed art print. We were blown away with how much went into this piece and it is a spectacle in print! It has been really exciting to work with such a revered and talented artist.


Edition of 100

18″ x 24″ inch, 7 Colour Screen Print

Printed by Lady Lazarus on Cement Green French Paper



Key Line Variant Edition of 40

18″ x 24″ inch, 1 Colour Screen Print

Printed by Lady Lazarus on Madero Beach French Paper


“Rogue Trooper” will be released at 6pm UK time/1pm EST on Tuesday, September 20th at Vice Press. 

To coincide with this release, we will also be offering 50% off Rogue Trooper by Dan Mumford using code RogueTrooper50.

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