Geek Art: “The Fly” By Matt Ryan Tobin

Grey Matter Art has announced its new partnership with Acme Archives to offer licensed prints for 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks.

To kick-off their partnership, GMA is proud to announce a new officially licensed, limited edition screen print for David Cronenberg’s classic 80’s film, “The Fly” by the very talented artist, Matt Ryan Tobin.

GMA is thrilled to be working with Matt & Acme Archives to showcase this amazing poster for the film’s 30th anniversary. “The Fly” will be featured as 2 separate editions, a regular and a glow in the dark variant.

Size: 24×36
Regular Edition: 175/$45.00
Printed by: VGKids
Size: 24×36
GID Variant Edition: 100/$60.00
Printed by: VGKids

Here’s what Matt had to say about the poster, via his site:

This poster is one of my favorite compositions I’ve done. It really was a lot of fun. What I knew going into creating this poster for the good folks at GMA was that I didnt want the poster to feature an actual fly or the teleportation machine. That wouldve been a pretty wasted opportunity…as its been done before – albeit some very well done and brilliantly executed – I just personally wanted to steer clear of that direction.

Instead, I chose to show Seth’s metamorphosis, sure – but really I wanted to capture the love story aspect of Cronenberg’s THE FLY. Somewhat of a homage to Tom Jung’s iconic “Gone With The Wind” poster. 

Theres something so poetically tragic about Seth and Veronica’s sweet but brief romance. I have always found the film to be more heartbreaking than anything else. I wanted to show that love fought hard even amidst all the grotesqueries; insect bile and all.  

This poster will be released on Wednesday, September 21st on our website shop page at 1:00 PM (est) at GMA’s website shop page

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