Because it’s time for something more…

Greetings and welcome to a new corner of WeGeekGirls…


There is something unique and special about taking on an endeavor like WeGeekGirls alongside a friend. From the beginning of this project, it has been an unspoken goal to keep the friendship sacred as it is the foundation of WGGs.

Over the years we’ve been blessed and favored in this growing and ever changing platform. With that, our friendship has grown and changed. It’s become one of the most important friendships in my life (I’ll speak for myself for a moment).

With the growth has come the vulnerability to share great hopes, doubts, dreams, fear and struggles…

And with all of that, we have learned that we both have a heart for something bigger and greater than us (and even WGGs).


We were having dinner the other night and chatted about something other than fandom. I had just finished reading If You Feel Too Much and spoke of my connection and great sensitivity to people who sometimes have trouble navigating feelings/emotions. GiGi shared her resent connections with a local organization that helps fight to get women/children out of human trafficking situations…this conversation went on to many other related causes, for an hour or more…

Our first step is Beyond Our Front Door.


WeGeekGirls is a labor of love for both GiGI and I and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor it and all of you than to create a place in it where we ALL can be reminded that we are not alone, that we matter and that together, we can change the World!

In the following days, weeks, months and years, this will be the place we share the causes/projects/people that stir our hearts and inspire us.



We have a list going all ready BUT please fill free to add any that may not be on our radar!!

Welcome again to Beyond Our Front Door. We are glad you are hear and hope you find comfort, support and a giant HUG (if hugs are your thing) within these pages!

❤ WeGeekGirls ❤


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