The Bradshaw Challenge: Marvelous Sparkles and a Starry Night


Another weekend has come and gone! I hope you all had a great one!

WeGeekGirls are gearing up for another week of posting, which means week 2 of the @NerdintheCity Instagram challenge.


In a quick re-cap of the past few days, I decided to #wearit a few days in a row.

Day 5 was Marvelous!! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was released so I opted to don my GOTG character bracelet from PescEffects

And on Day 6, I added Sparkles to my outfit via some sweet ballet flats from Lower East Side.



On a Starry Night


Day 7 had been pretty stinking great! Sundays are normally the day I get everything re-organized, cleaned up and ready for the week ahead so this morning was filled with re-arranging my room, washing sheets and framing/hanging up art.

***I am trying to make room for a small desk so that when I am only working on my writing I can sit right under my window (like Carrie Bradshaw) and look out into the back yard.

When I am proper tired of working around the house, I usually log into the only game I play at the moment…Lord of the Rings OnlineYou all know by now that Tolkien is my #1 fandom so I get really into this game.

Tonight was HUGE for me because I hit level 100! IT happened in the beautiful Havens of Belfalas.


     ***taking photos in LOTRO is a hobby too ;)***

I have had A LOT of favorite gear pieces in these 100 levels but the cape and jacket I got tonight really is in the top 5.


The city of Dol Amroth is massive! This is me looking up from the warf so you all can get a look at my new cape…The sea blue color and the ship!!! Gahhhhh! love it!

For the past few weeks the LOTRO community has been enjoying the 10th Anniversary Festival. During festival periods, players are eligible for fun side missions around about the Party Tree and Bree that allow you to buy festival specific cosmetic gear for yourself or your war steed.

With just about all of the festivals, there are fireworks involved. And guess what!!?? They they explode in the shape of little stars! I happened to photograph my firework quest the other night in hopes that it might fit in with this post.


Starry Night


As I pulled this photo out of my screen shots folder, I had a thought. “What if I have taken other starry night photos?”.

So, I looked through the entire lot and found a few that I am pretty proud of!


It really is a beautiful game and I admittedly do get lost in it.

Of course you know I play a hobbit, so I do have my very own hole in the ground…and I even found an area with a tree on the top 😉


What do know, another Starry Night…I guess I kinda like them 🙂


For Lizzie’s website, click The Bradshaw Challenge box at the beginning of the post and/or follow her on Instagram @nerdinthesand

Don’t forget to follow along and see if we #writeit or #wearit

Until next time,



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