Geek Art: ‘Spider-Man’ & ‘Green Goblin’ By Florey

Grey Matter Art, under license from Marvel, is proud to announce new officially licensed, limited edition print series entitled “Florey’s Faceoffs” by the very talented artist, Florey. This will be an ongoing series that will feature portraits of your favorite Marvel characters facing off in battle.

Below are the first two character portraits of the series featuring Spider-Man & Green Goblin.

Spider-Man & Green Goblin

Artist: Florey

Size: 16×20

Spider-Man Edition: 100/$40.00

Green Goblin Edition: 100/$40.00

Matching Number Set: 75.00 (from the main edition of 100)

Printed By: Lady Lazarus

These posters will be released on Thursday, June 22nd at 1:00 PM(est) at GMA’s website shop page.
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