SDCC 2017: DC Extended Universe Roundup

Wonder Woman 2:

Warner Bros. officially confirmed that ‘Wonder Woman 2’ is officially happening. DC’s Geoff John has started on the screenplay. “I’m working right now on the Wonder Woman 2 script. I just started,” he told Yahoo! Movies at SDCC.

Warner Bros has not confirmed if Patty Jenkins would be back in the director’s chair.

Ben Affleck responds to Rumors:

During the ‘Justice League’ panel, Ben Affleck reassured fans that he will continue to play Batman:

“Let me be clear, Batman is the greatest fucking part in any universe, DC, Marvel, and I’m so thrilled to do it. I know there’s this conception that because I didn’t direct it that maybe I wasn’t enthusiastic about it but… it’s fucking amazing. I still can’t believe it after two films that we’ve had this great history with this studio and they said ‘We want you to be our Batman’ and I believe them. Matt Reeves is doing it and I’d be a fucking ape in the background for Matt Reeves, nevermind being Batman, it’s incredible. I’m really blown away and excited, it’s a great time in the DC universe.”

Aquaman makes his entrance at SDCC:

Watch the ‘Justice League’ Panel:

The Flash movie titled Flashpoint:

Warner Bros. revealed that the upcoming Flash film will be titled Flashpoint, written by DC Films head Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert. 

In the story, Barry Allen/The Flash travels back in time to stop his nemesis, The Reverse-Flash, from killing Barry’s mother when he was a kid. However, that benevolent action creates a butterfly effect that reverberates throughout the entire DC Universe, changing the fates of many of its superheroes. As Barry tries to unravel the mystery of what happened to the timeline, the new world of “Flashpoint” faces Armageddon, as a war between Aquaman’s Atlantis and Wonder Woman’s Amazons threatens the globe with nuclear annihilation. – Thanks to CBR

Shazam! Finds a Director:

David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation and Lights Out) is officially directing ‘Shazam!.’

“It’s coming along pretty well,” said Sandberg. “I’m very happy with the script and how it’s all coming along so it’s super exciting.”

According to DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns, Dwayne Johnson will not appear in the film. “We haven’t announced any casting yet,” Johns told Yahoo! Movies. “But Dwayne isn’t going to be in this movie. He’s still doing Black Adam, but he won’t be in Shazam!”

‘Shazam!’ will go into production “in January or February of next year with a likely release in 2019,” according to THR’s sources.

A ‘Harley Quinn vs Joker’ spin-off in development. Find out more here.

DC Extended Universe Slate:

The DC Extended Universe continues to expand. Warner Bros. unveiled their updated slate of films during its SDCC panel. 

They are as follows:

Aquaman – set to debut on December 21, 2018. (You can read about the footage shown at SDCC here.)
Shazam! –  set for an April 5, 2019 release
Suicide Squad 2
The Batman
Justice League Dark
Green Lantern Corps
The Flash: Flashpoint
Wonder Woman 2

No official word on the statuses of NightwingMan of Steel 2Gotham City Sirens, and Black Adam.


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