Return of Grace

Every now and then, when I actually remember and am feeling particularly playful, I’ll channel my inner wayward sister and dress myself in a Winchester Wednesday ensemble.

Today’s styling included a recently thrifted selection that has inspired words as well!

This year I’ve, VERY slowly, been making my way through my first re-watch of Supernatural in it’s entirety. It’s become my old faithful for when I need a break from day to day stresses and some comfort. It may seem like one hell of a show to find comfort in, and possibly only those in the SPNFamily can really know why it’s a great show for that but I’ve really enjoyed taking my time with it this round. Albeit often intense and fictitious material, the emotional connections are none the less, as I often find with the things that I’m drawn to. It’s just who I am and I know I am not alone in that 🙂

<<<<<<<<<<LITE SPOILERS FOLLOW>>>>>>>>>>

I’ve recently made my way well into season 9 where, once again, Sam and Dean are in the thick of the complications of being brothers in the ‘family’ business. They are grieving major loss and almost constant change, not only of their environment but also within themselves. The banner they march under gets heavier every day, the costs get greater and the solitude is at an all time high.

Castiel (SEE) shines brightly in the episodes I’ve just finished as he, newly restored with grace and back in the fight, seeks to bolster the brothers by telling them all that he has learned from them (and humans in general)…which he does often throughout the remaining seasons. His story within the story, so far, is brilliantly reflected in the changes in his overall expressiveness. I caught it BIG time, this time! Thanks you (Misha)

The scene that I’m speaking of here finds Cass attempting to enjoy a simple meal, which he, technically, no longer needs and doesn’t really enjoy, not because he can’t taste it but because he tastes it all, it’s too much.

Angel > Human > Angel has given Castiel fresh perspective.

“It changed me and maybe it can change the Winchester’s too.”

The world around them is in a constant state of chaos, everyday is met with choices, unlikely alliances and compromises that often leave them questioning themselves more days than not…

They ebb/flow between holding on too tightly and ultimate sacrifice. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful ride and in this season of it Castiel is inviting them to seek to understand that none of “us” can have it all figured out and that there is much to learn from in the journey itself, in each choice made and that every savor-able moment (pb & j included) should be as such, because the very next moment can and likely will change.

There is hope in the caring of and the opportunity to carry eachother. A hope that I’ll be reminding myself of here, in this reality, especially on the days that seem the most chaotic.

In the midst of it all may we find (and/or share) bravery and grace!

Carry ON friends!!!!


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