Christine Parker of Sick Chick Flicks

GiGi and I attended our first ConCarolinas back in 2015 and pleasantly found ourselves in new territory with it's Film Track. Hosting the best in local indie film creation, we found this track to be highly informative and enjoyable. In addition to the Film Festival, a good majority of the film makers/special fx designers were … Continue reading Christine Parker of Sick Chick Flicks

Movie Nightmares [Infographics]

Last month, I posted the above image that asked, "What movie traumatized you as a kid? on Facebook and Instagram. After going through the comment sections, here are the top traumatizing movies: The Exorcist was definitely mentioned a few times It Killer Clowns from Outer Space Poltergeist Silver Bullet Psycho The Shining The Exorcist was … Continue reading Movie Nightmares [Infographics]