Christine Parker of Sick Chick Flicks

GiGi and I attended our first ConCarolinas back in 2015 and pleasantly found ourselves in new territory with it’s Film Track.

Hosting the best in local indie film creation, we found this track to be highly informative and enjoyable. In addition to the Film Festival, a good majority of the film makers/special fx designers were present and presented as panelist, ensuring loads of industry specific information and experience based wisdom.

Sick Chick Flicks founder, Christine Parker, was one of the first industry professionals we got the chance to listen to. The panel we sat in on happened to be about Women in Film and it was fantastic. In addition to the panel, we also got to view her feature film Fix It In Post. 



After that we were hooked on her brand and she became a face we looked for at every ConCarolinas after.


Christine Parker

Which brings me to this year!

I was able to attend most of the Short Film Festival this year (more on that soon) and was stoked to see the trailer for Christine’s upcoming movie Blood of the Mummy.


So stoked in fact that I knew it was high time we had her on the blog!

She graciously took the time to answer some of our questions. Take a look!

WGGs: Can you tell us a little bit about what brought you into the film industry?
CP: I stumbled into the film industry after I had lost my job. I had gone back to school to study Broadcast Television Production in the hopes of taking a different career path toward working with video production. There I found a lot of like-minded individuals who decided to band together and make a short zombie film The Second Death. It was all downhill from there. 😉
WGGs: We see that Horror is a favorite genre for you to create. What makes it a favorite for you?
CP: I have so many fond memories of staying up late watching the old horror classics with my mum. I always seemed to empathize with the monster. I think Horror films put a magnifying glass on humanity. It brings out all your flaws and strengths in insane situations. I love exploring those complicated emotions and reactions in my films.
WGGs: What do you enjoy the most about creating a film?
CP: The most fun for me is developing the story and watching it evolve as I write it. And then editing would have to be equally fun for me for the same reason. Seeing what all that footage, blood, sweat, and tears, evolves into. Putting together all the pieces of the puzzle.
WGGs: What are the biggest setbacks you come across?
Money. Having to compromise my vision to fit my budget. 😦
WGGs: In addition to attending film festivals like the Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival, what are other ways the public can get involved in helping support/grow their local film industry?
CP: I know you probably see a million different fundraising campaigns for filmmakers on FaceBook but please donate, even if it’s just $5. We all hate begging for money, but it’s the only way we can afford to make our films.
Those were GREAT answers weren’t they!? It’s always fun to here what creation is like from a creator themselves!
As someone who tends to look a little more deeply into the horror genre, I appreciated Christine’s answer to the second question. Very powerful!
Pay close attention to the response of the last question. If you haven’t seen a lot of independent film shorts (as I hadn’t), I invite you to attend a festival and/or viewing in your area. The amount of story one can tell in a brief amount of time is really incredible. As Christine mentioned above, the biggest setbacks often revolve around money. So, if you see something you like, follow it and support it so that more of it can happen 🙂
About Sick Chicks

Founded by Christine Parker in 2012, Sick Chicks was formed to address the need for female fiilmmakers to collaborate and learn how to make horror films. They have since made 3 short films and collaborated with Christine’s other company Adrenalin on the feature film Fix It In Post. The Tell-Tale Heart: Sisters is their most recent short film endeavor and is making the festival rounds and winning awards! They are currently working on Christine’s 5th feature film, Blood of the Mummy. 

 They came up with the brilliant idea of starting their own film festival in 2016 so they could not only support local female filmmakers but also support women who make films all over the world!


Festival Dates for this year are September 29-30th 2018


Are you a film maker too? There is still time to submit your film to the festival!


For more about Christine Parker, please visit




Thank you Christine for taking the time to talk to us AND for continuing to follow your filmmaking dreams! We will see you again soon!






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