We’ve Got Sunshine!

Hey there True Believers! We've got one more NEW interview from our trip to HeroesCon this year and we can't wait to share it with you! GiGi and I met Sunshine on our first pass through the convention floor and were drawn to her booth by her warm smile, vibrant personality and the wall of … Continue reading We’ve Got Sunshine!


Hold On To Your Butts!

In our second HeroesCon interview we took a few minuets (ok, WAY more than a few) to chat with Michigan based illustrator/cartoonist/pinup artist Leslie Gauthier. From first glance, Leslie's convention booth was vibrant, bright and captivating! Very much like her personality!   Full transparency here...In chatting with these amazing creative types, I often forget to "officially" … Continue reading Hold On To Your Butts!

Mumswear ~ because you should wear a shirt as unique and individual as you are!

The dealer room at ConCarolinas is without a doubt a favorite for GiGi and I. After all, that is where we first discovered our desire to shine a light on local authors/artists/artisans and help promote their business. We enjoy running through and talking to old friends BUT meeting new people is one of the reasons … Continue reading Mumswear ~ because you should wear a shirt as unique and individual as you are!

The Tchaikovsky Finale by Darin Kennedy

Greetings fellow book lovers!   A few weeks out from it's release, I am here to talk about the exciting conclusion to Darin Kennedy's Fugue & Fable series with it's third book...   Before I go any further, if you need a re-cap, here is what I thought of the first two https://wegeekgirls.com/2015/01/19/the-mussorgsky-riddle-review/ https://wegeekgirls.com/2017/12/10/the-stravinsky-intrigue-by-darin-kennedy/   … Continue reading The Tchaikovsky Finale by Darin Kennedy