The Stravinsky Intrigue by Darin Kennedy

First off, reading The Mussorgsky Riddle before this one is a MUST. I believe my review for that one is floating around here somewhere 😉

If you read my last review, you already know that I am a HUGE fan of Darin Kennedy and the second book in his Fugue & Fable series only solidified that sentiment.

Once again we find ourselves accompanying Mira Tejador through the music themed dreamscape of Anthony Faircloth’s subconscious. The visit this time is far from the same trip we last took. For one, Anthony is fully conscious and acting like a normal teenage boy, well as normal as you can call Anthony. Several girls of Anthony’s age are falling into the same seemingly well but basically comatose state Anthony was in just months prior. The police and local hospital staff are stumped.

But that is why we have Mira Tejador. The familiarity of being on another case of mysterious consciousness leads her to check in on Anthony. She doesn’t get within 10 ft of him before being taken over by the overpowering rise of…music…

This time, however, we aren’t taken into the Exhibition but a green garden where instead of Modest Mussorgsky creating the soundtrack, it will be Igor Stravinsky. As annoying as it can be to be sidelined at a moments notice, Mira knows only Anthony creates dreamscapes with such vivid visuals and music.

The Stravinsky Intrigue is the story of Mira, Anthony and more than a few other familiar faces trying to solve the problem of the comatose girls, not in the real world but once again, in Anthony’s imagination.

And this time he will take them through Stravinksy’s The Firebird and Petruska.

What follows is a superbly written adventure of both sight and sound. Kennedy’s familiarity and passion for classical music is evident in the description of not only the dreamscape characters but each piece of music that accompanies the story’s twists and turns. It’s almost as if you can hear it, without hearing it. Brilliant!!!

Without giving away too much more of the story, I will tell you that Book II sets up the scene for Book III perfectly. Book III is released on Dec 19th by the way…and guess where we are headed this time??? The Tchaikovsky Finale 🙂 🙂 🙂 Stay tuned for my review on that one too!


***A quick addition here that I wasn’t familiar with Stravinksy, much like Mussorgsky. I did find it added to my enjoyment of the reading to have him playing in the background sometimes and I also watched both ballets upon completing the book.***



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