Caitlin Kelley: Monster Hunter

Caitlin and her friend/supernatural hunting partner Marty are suppose to be starting their vacation in New Orleans when they are greeted, almost as soon as they land, by the feeling that something “isn’t quite right”. An emergency summons and personal letter from the Pope later and we find out their instincts are pretty darn good.

The local protector of the people of New Orleans has been killed and there is a BIG, bad, invisible hellhound on the loose. Caitlin thinks it’s going to be a piece of cake but as she soon finds out, nothing ever as goes one thinks it will…especially when you hunt monsters.

This was super fun and fast read for me! Yes I think monster hunting is fun! Who else do you think keeps the supernatural baddies at bay…especially in New Orleans!?? If you are new to monster hunting and are curious, I think this Caitlin Kelley novella is a great way to get started!


It paired well with hot tea!


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