The Tchaikovsky Finale by Darin Kennedy

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A few weeks out from it’s release, I am here to talk about the exciting conclusion to Darin Kennedy’s Fugue & Fable series with it’s third book…



Before I go any further, if you need a re-cap, here is what I thought of the first two



As the cover and title give away, our maestro for this adventure is the great Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Being the most familiar with his work , I knew I wouldn’t need as much musical preparation for this one nor would I need to take pauses in my reading to familiarize myself with the pieces as I went along. This excited me!


Within the first few pages we realize that our dear heroine, Mira Tejador hasn’t recovered from her dance with Stravinsky. In a coma that has no other explanation than one we are all too familiar with (an all out war has gone on in her mind), Mira lies in a hospital bed surrounded by the rest of the gang (Anthony, Caroline, Archer and Sterling)…all trying to figure out how to help her.

After all that they have collectively been through at this point, they know that the only possible hope for helping Mira is Anthony.

From the first moment he goes into their shared dreamscape, Anthony knows that he is just as much apart of what is going on now as he ever has been. From the first notes of arrangements he feels to his core, the painful realization that his imagination has once again created this elaborate space, which now holds Mira hostage, is something he has to face first.

Within every movement of Black Swan, The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty everyone that loves Mira, including her ex-husband, has to come to her rescue in this fantastic finale.


Pleasantly surprised to be led on this adventure by Anthony, it was easy to be taken lakeside, watching Prince Siegfried fight for Odette and to sit fireside in the Stahlbaum house as the Mouse King and Nutcracker Prince fight for Clara.

As with the dreamscape in Fugue & Fable: Book II, the characters in Anthony’s version of Tchaikovsky’s stories take of the familiar faces of Archer, Sterling and even Mira. What comes as a surprise to all in this one, is the unfamiliar face of the enemy.

With all participants willing to go in and out of dreamscape to bring Mira back to consciousness, they will find that they must fight the battle in both reality and the dream world to make that happen.


Can they do it?


Ahhh Ha! It should be evident by now that I try to keep my reviews spoiler free enough to entice you to go and read them. So, you’ll get no more out of me as far as the story goes.

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of this series and as such a fan, I have to say that it was the perfect ending (though I do hope it gets revisited again in the future). Having adored the characters from the days of the Exhibition, I found the finale to include the exact amount of nostalgia, surprise, love, bolster and resolve to leave me feeling like I was in the battle also. I was emotionally invested and I am the kind of reader that requires. The Tchaikovsky delivers and them some!

Go and read it!!



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Thanks for creating a wonderful series Darin and for sharing it with US!!!





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