What If Fictional Characters Lived Somewhere Else

You gotta love it when fandom and everyday business collide! Much like a post we shared a few months ago


We’ve gotten wind of another cool project, that started with a simple question…


What If Fictional Characters Lived Somewhere Else?

Who doesn’t dream about moving to a faraway land? Somewhere completely different than the realm you inhabit now? While hopping dimensions isn’t easy for humans, it’s not too difficult for some of our favorite cartoon characters.

Just close your eyes and think about the hilarity that would ensue if Rick and Morty moved to The Flintstone’s Bedrock! It’s not that much of a stretch given their pension for time travel. Alternatively, what if Hey Arnold got frozen in a cryochamber and ended up in New New York?

In these character mashup illustrations from Simply Self Storage, some of the most beloved characters new and old are re-imagined as moving somewhere else. Enjoy!


Rick and Morty Move to Bedrock



Rick and Morty frequently travel through time and space, so it’s not that off-base to think that they might travel back in time. What if they ended up in Bedrock?


Batman Moves to Neverland



Since Bruce Wayne lost his childhood due to his parents murder, he would have a great time reconnecting with his inner child in Neverland. Hopefully Peter will show him the ropes!


Hey Arnold Moves to New New York



Hey Arnold is a city kid, but could he handle fast paced New New York?


Bart Simpson Moves to South Park



We think Bart Simpson would make a perfect companion for the gang from South Park, right? Hopefully him and Cartman don’t butt heads!


Jack Skellington Moves to Whoville



What if this time Jack Skellington gave Dr. Seuss’s Whoville at try? It didn’t work out so great for him last time he tried to assimilate to a different world!


Bob Moves to Quahog



Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers would fit right in with the crew from Family Guy. In this illustration he seems to be taking Meg’s spot. Too bad!




Much like the fictional business cards, I really enjoyed the rabbit trails these proposed mash ups took me down…

For example, I had to chuckle at Batman moving to Neverland. While I think Bruce could get pretty use to only facing Captain Hook as a foe, Peter Pan’s cheery disposition would annoy the crap out of him…at first anyway 😉

Do you have any favorites fictional character mash ups?

Let us know!


***The folks at Simply Self Storage seem to ask questions like this often. Check out the Pop Culture tab on their website for more



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