Catelyn Stark, Wedding Planner

IF you are anything like me, you spend a fair share of time thinking about your favorite fictional characters. Whether that is healthy or not is a subject for another day 😉

Have you ever wondered what said favorite fictional characters might do if left to get a job in our world? What would they do for work? Better yet, how would they market themselves.

Well, I’ve just been introduced to a group of people who have thought through that…and then some.



This clever, custom sign company created an entire line of pop culture inspired business cards as a fun way to display the range of possibilities when ordering their product.

Take at look a few of my personal favorites…


Any The Office fans out there?

I’ve been binge watching The Office for the second time and I have to say I think Dwight would approve of both the card design and the email address.


Who’s up for a tomb raid?

I like the way they offset the simplicity of the B&W design with a textured paper, almost giving it a relic ‘feel’


Welcome to the Upside Down, can I take your order?

Mainly, I liked this one because they chose to do a Stranger Things design (and you all know I love me some ST). So my only question for you is “Would you stay or would you go?”


Leslie Knope 2020

All of the Parks & Rec fans out there can get behind this design! Leslie would ADORE incorporating her time with National Parks Service into her Presidential Business Cards. I do have to ask though…does the President use business cards?


All in a days work.

There is SOOOO much to love about this card. A) It’s Hermione Granger and B) If anyone could totally own expert cable installation and Time Travel, it’s Ms. Granger. I mean, she probably has at least two other jobs that aren’t listed, right?  😉


For a look at the entire collection, head on over to the Smart Sign website


Which are your favorites!!!?? Let us know!



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