Catelyn Stark, Wedding Planner

IF you are anything like me, you spend a fair share of time thinking about your favorite fictional characters. Whether that is healthy or not is a subject for another day ūüėČ Have you ever wondered what said favorite fictional characters might do if left to get a job in our world? What would they … Continue reading Catelyn Stark, Wedding Planner

Dark Ink Art To Release “Chasing Adventure” by Ian Glaubinger

‚ÄúProfessor of Archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it‚Ķ obtainer of rare antiquities.‚ÄĚ Dark Ink¬†Art to release "Chasing Adventure" print by¬†Ian Glaubinger,¬†inspired by 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'¬† This print goes on sale¬†Tomorrow, Friday November¬†20th at 11am¬†PST at Dark Ink. "Chasing Adventure" 150 piece signed silk screen edition 4 color on … Continue reading Dark Ink Art To Release “Chasing Adventure” by Ian Glaubinger

Disney Eyes Chris Pratt For ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot

Chris Pratt is the answer for everything.¬† Disney acquired¬†the rights to¬†the Indiana Jones franchise from Paramount in 2013, and according to Deadline, Disney is¬†eyeing Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Recreation) to play the swashbuckling¬†archaeologist professor¬†in hopes to revive the franchise. Pratt has proved that he can play the leading man. In 2014, … Continue reading Disney Eyes Chris Pratt For ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot

Geek Art: Pure Awesomeness! Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones

Pure Awesomeness!  A lot of people have been comparing Chris Pratt to Harrison Ford after seeing him as Star-Lord in 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' DeviantArt artist Rahzzah did a fantastic job with this photo manipulation of Chris Pratt as Harrison Ford's iconic character, Indiana Jones. Someone please make this happen. What do you guys think?