Mumswear ~ because you should wear a shirt as unique and individual as you are!

The dealer room at ConCarolinas is without a doubt a favorite for GiGi and I. After all, that is where we first discovered our desire to shine a light on local authors/artists/artisans and help promote their business.

We enjoy running through and talking to old friends BUT meeting new people is one of the reasons we attend!

So, we’d like to introduce you to a vendor that caught our eye from the moment we walked into the dealer room!


Meet Jean and Rod, the friendly faces and creators behind Mumswear.

Two years ago, after a request from a few family members for some custom shirts, Jean and Rod got the idea to start something that might get them out of the house more and Mumswear was born.

Having such specific requests gave them the idea to create something more specific for anyone in the market for a unique piece of clothing.

With 60 years sewing experience, Jean takes a regular button up and turns it into a fandom masterpiece.


Using character/genre fabric from over 6 different manufacturers, they are certain to be able to bring your favorite fandom shirt to life.

Rod handles all research and development, ensuring that both shirts and fabric are the highest quality and found at the best possible price point, so that they can provide the customer with the best price point.

Base shirts are ordered from the same manufacturer each time to ensure consistency of fit for those who want to purchase more than one.

Though many of the people we saw wearing these shirts at the Con were male, Rod and Jean assured me that they get just as many orders/purchases from females, sighting that these creations are the perfect way for couples to mix & match OR perfectly match fandoms. We have to admit that sounds like a great idea to us!

Each shirt runs $45 (which includes shipping costs) and typically has a 1-2 day turn around unless there is a delay in the fandom fabrics. Mumswear is also able to do custom fabric for your brand/business for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. That’s HUGE!


Here’s Jeff with a custom fabric shirt designed for MACE Con

To order yours, simple email

That goes to Rod and Jean directly and they can get started on your custom fandom shirt within a few days of receiving the order.

They can also be found on Facebook


Other than being introduced to an amazing product, we were introduced to amazing people. We loved hearing about Jean and Rod, doing this together as a team, and how it helps each of them by getting them out of the house and allowing them to interact with people in their retirement.




It was SO nice to meet you Jean and Rod! We wish Mumswear all the success it can handle!! See you again soon!





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