We’ve Got Sunshine!

Hey there True Believers!

We’ve got one more NEW interview from our trip to HeroesCon this year and we can’t wait to share it with you!

GiGi and I met Sunshine on our first pass through the convention floor and were drawn to her booth by her warm smile, vibrant personality and the wall of incredible craftsmanship behind her.


Something told us her story was special so we circled back and found out a little bit more about GinGeeGirls Art

Take a look



WGG: You graciously shared your story with GiGi and I at HeroesCon and we were so taken with it, would you mind sharing it with our readers?

Sunshine: So here is my story. A little over 10 years ago I gave birth to a sweet baby girl. She came into the world 10 weeks early and not breathing. I was told how she would never be able to be like other children. She wouldn’t walk, she wouldn’t be potty trained, and a whole lot of other she would never.  Well I can tell you that this did not sit well with me. My thought process was they don’t really know me or my child. As I return to work I let them know that Danielle would need a whole slew of different types of therapies and could we work out a schedule where in I could leave an hour early or come in an hour late to accommodate her. This then not go over well with my job and they bought out my contract and let me go which is quite disturbing since I was working for a medical company at the time . I knew I had to do something to support us so I turned my hobby into a business and called it GinGee Girls Art,  because Danielle has some beautiful red hair.  Because I made that decision not to go back into corporate life my daughter runs around with all the other kids, she may Fall down more than others but she always gets up. Which is what we always want to teach our children in the long run, when you fall down always always always get up.
AMAZING, RIGHT!!!??? What heart!! What triumph!!
WGG: We are THRILLED you’ve been able to make creating a full time career. What is your favorite part?
Sunshine: So I sandblast my own hand drawings into ceramics and glass mugs.  I have to honestly say I have 2 favorite parts of this process. The 1st part is drawing it out and coming to see it in fruition,  The 2nd part I would have to say is selling. Knowing that I created something that is utilitarian and people want it gives me such a great sense of pride and joy.
WGG: Do you have a favorite piece that you have created?
Sunshine: I have a couple favorite places. I absolutely adore my Superman, he is drawn after the great late Christopher Reeves as well as my seahorses in the shape of a heart that I did for my cousins wedding and I’d have to say my tribute to Stan Lee.
WGG: SO, mugs or etched glass? What’s  your go-to beverage container?
Sunshine: I am definitely a ceramic mug kind of girl. I don’t drink coffee but I do enjoy some blueberry tea as well as a good hot chocolate. They are good for eating my spaghettio’s or a cup of soup as well lol.
WGG: Ok, one more! Tell us where to find you nex!?!
Sunshine: There’s a lot going on right now with GinGee Girls, we are so looking forward to doing DragonCon, Ace in Chicago and New York City Comicon, which is the largest in the country right now. We are hoping to start going out West in 2020.  And maybe some day in the future we will have our own brick and mortar instead of me blasting out mugs from my basement.
As you can tell, Sunshine is just the kind of geektastic creative we love to support here at WeGeekGirls!
In fact, the above photo is a piece I (CC) took home that weekend!


You can find more GinGeeGirls Art on Facebook


Contact Sunshine at gingeegirls@gmail.com




If you are going to DragonCon this weekend, you may even find GiGi and I visiting the booth! Please say hello!!!


Now, it’s tea time…CHEERS!





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