Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find



A few weeks ago, GiGi and I attended one of our favorite comic conventions of the year and it’s in our own backyard of Charlotte, North Carolina.

A COMIC convention through and through HeroesCon draws a LARGE crowd every year and WeGeekGirls are thrilled to be a part of the action.


One of the things we hear every year from vendors, artists and attendees alike is how well run this convention is.

The artists appreciate having such an artist focused event, the vendors we’ve spoken to appreciate the thought that goes in to their floor placement and the attendees love the access to over 400 comic book creators (artist/writers) and at least that many comic related exhibitors/vendors.


The word COMIC is highlighted all around because, ultimately, that’s what it’s about at HeroesCon. The front line of the event houses dozens of comic shops for attendees to browse through to find just what they are looking for!

In this year’s HeroesCon program, event founder, Shelton Drum stated…

Many conventions embrace the varied delivery systems for comic book creations, but our industry has been popular long enough now that the purists among us are lamenting the good old days of the true comic conventions – the “old school” kind that featured artists and writers of the comic books we love, along with the beautiful old collectible issues themselves. HeroesCon was “old school” when that was still “new school”. From the very beginning we’ve been focused on the COMIC BOOK part of the Comic Book Conventions. We still are and we always will be just that.


Given the droves of people we see attending HeroesCon every year, I don’t think Shelton is alone in that sentiment 🙂



In addition to a full convention floor, a large part of the excitement is the Costume Contest. The cosplay community is FULL of brilliant and creative people. Here are a few that we were able to capture on Sunday of the convention.



Being the dino lovers that we are, that last one was a personal favorite!



Twinning Day 2


We try our hardest but it isn’t easy for the two of us to capture everything that this convention has to offer (and I think that is a good thing).


We love catching up with the friends we’ve made in the past…



Stopping by the 501st Legion, Carolina Garrison booth is always a MUST


We even took a minute to have be a little silly…



Each year we try to meet and bring a few new people to the website too!

Interviews with these lovelies will drop soon!



In addition to everything we mentioned above, HeroesCon hosts various panels from midday Friday to Midday Sunday, as well as evening charity events like Drink & Draw and Heroes Annual Art Auction.


Suffice it to say that there is plenty of fun for the entire family at this event!


For more about HeroesCon, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @HeroesOnline and/or http://www.heroesonline.com


AND if you are in/around (or care to be around) the Charlotte area, HeroesCon will be back next year from June 19-21!


Hope to see you there!






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