The Bradshaw Challenge: High School

Fresh on the heels of the last Instagram Challenge post is Nerd in the City/Sand's newest installment...   For those unfamiliar with which Bradshaw this challenge is referencing, I will save you the Google search and fill you in.   Carrie Bradshaw is one of the main characters from the super popular (when it aired) … Continue reading The Bradshaw Challenge: High School

#NYCC Highlights: Everything IS connected!

As the title of this post states, one of the highlights for this year's New York Comic Con was getting to cover the BBC America panels. To say that GiGi and I are fans of what BBCA puts out is an understatement...more like we are obsessed. From the moment we found out about Dirk Gently's … Continue reading #NYCC Highlights: Everything IS connected!

#NYCC Highlights: A view from the Captain’s Chair

Walking around a convention like New York Comic Con can be overwhelming. There are so many people, multiple floors (sometimes buildings) to navigate, Cosplayers to photograph and, if you are so inclined, a long line to stand in. With this particular convention, we found ourselves energized more so than overwhelmed. Everywhere we turned there were … Continue reading #NYCC Highlights: A view from the Captain’s Chair