#NYCC Highlights: A view from the Captain’s Chair

Walking around a convention like New York Comic Con can be overwhelming. There are so many people, multiple floors (sometimes buildings) to navigate, Cosplayers to photograph and, if you are so inclined, a long line to stand in.

With this particular convention, we found ourselves energized more so than overwhelmed. Everywhere we turned there were either elaborate booth set ups, jaw dropping displays, friendly and passionate booth hosts and/or a good beat playing.




The Star Trek: Beyond   booth was no exception. If we didn’t already know that something pretty awesome was happening in this area, social media told us…



GiGi and I stopped by the booth to get an insider look at what kept several dozen people in continuous line up at this booth.


Upon entering the BEYOND area, fans were greeted enthusiastically by Star Fleet Ambassadors and given a commemorative pin and foam #LLAP hand.


Once through the processing line, each fan got the incredible opportunity to sit in the ACTUAL Captain’s Chair from the movie! As if that wasn’t cool enough, while in the chair, fans got to have their photo taken in 4 different poses, making for a super fun filled few seconds.

From the Captain’s Chair another friendly Ambassador took participants a few steps over and another photo was taken. This time, fans got to step into Chris Pine’s shoes for a few moments. The end product of this photo was a replica movie poster with YOUR face on it!!

We felt it only appropriate to get the most accurate coverage possible and go through the same experience everyone in line did…




I will fully admit that I didn’t know that there were going to be 4 poses, hence the lovely Ambassador helping me out 😉



This booth was all about keeping the Blue-Ray™ release date in the forefront of everyone’s mind and we think this was a BRILLIANT way to do it!

How many times can you say you have sat in the Captain’s Chair and been on an EPIC movie poster?

In case you need a reminder of why you should add Beyond to your movie collection…


Thanks @StarTrekMovie for letting us stop by!!



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