A Retro Gamers Paradise


Redditor Aaron, aka NintendoTwizer, converted a room into an impressive and organized game room. It’s amazing! Excuse me while I go get my NES and games out of storage. 🙂

NintendoTwizer posted on Reddit (Updated a month ago):

Just passed 1111 games! For the systems that I’m going for sets, I believe it breaks down like this :

NES – Complete (minus Stadium Events)

SNES – Complete (minus the competition carts)

N64 – Complete

Gamecube – Complete

Gameboy – 80% Complete

Gameboy Color – 80% Complete

Virtual Boy – Complete

Sega Master System – 50%

Sega Genesis – 80% Complete

Sega 32x – Complete

Sega Game Gear – Complete

Everything is sorted alphabetically… for the most part. The NES set is organized like this: “Black Box” games –> “Licensed” —> “Unlicensed” by company —> pirate/homebrews. Everything else for the other systems is just alphabetical, except with Gamecube I separate the Players Choice and Interactive Demo Disks from the rest.











[Source: NintendoTwizer | ViralNova]

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