Taylor Davis – Geek Violinist


Taylor Davis is a classically trained violinist and video game fan. She has combined both hobbies and has made a name for herself for her violin renditions of music and video game covers. Davis created her own YouTube channel called  “ViolinTay” back in 2011 and has more than 340k followers. She has featured movie, TV, and video game covers from Game of Thrones, Metal Gear Saga, Gladiator, Zelda, Final Fantasy, War of World CraftPirates of the CaribbeanThe Hobbit, and many more.

Music is my passion, and I feel so blessed to be able to share what I love with all of you. You’ll notice that I play a lot of video game music, and the reason for that is that I’m actually a very big gamer and have grown up with a deep appreciation and respect for these games and their stunning music. I hope to bring that appreciation to a larger audience and prove to people that gaming music is a legitimate and beautiful genre. Beyond gaming, I love so many other types of music, and I hope that you’re able to enjoy what I decide to share on my channel because I feel a connection with everything I perform.

I love arranging, creating new music and videos, and playing the violin! – Taylor Davis

I absolutely love music, especially movie scores. I discovered Taylor Davis’ talent by luck on my Facebook feed. What I love about her covers, is that she takes the original cover and makes it her own.

Her latest album features music from ‘The Legend of Zelda’ series. Here’s a video of her covering “Gerudo Valley.”

Some of my favorite covers:

You can follow her on: Facebook page, Twitter, Website, and YouTube. You can also download her covers on iTunes.

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