Beautiful Final Fantasy-Themed Wedding

Final Fantasy Themed Wedding (4)

On January 25th, 2014, Charlene Datan (dressed as White Mage) and Choi Elegado (dressed as Squall) tied the knot during a Final Fantasy-themed wedding ceremony. 

“Both me and Choy wanted to do a Final Fantasy-themed wedding since it was Final Fantasy that got us to meet each other,” Charlene tells us via email. “Final Fantasy was the common ground in our relationship. We would talk about Final Fantasy VIII and Choi introduced me to its other series which got me hooked too!”

When they told their respective families they planned to do cosplay during the wedding, the elders were ecstatic, according to Charlene.

“They were really excited to wear costumes of their favorite characters on our wedding! My mother loves Alice in Wonderland and really liked Tim Burton’s version,” she said. “My father and I are fans of Star Wars so he decided to go as Darth Vader (who is literally my father!). My oldest sister loves Star Trek: The Next Generation so she decided to wear the Captain’s uniform.” – they told Coconuts Manila

Check out the video:

Final Fantasy Themed Wedding (1)

Elegado & Datan I.XXV.MMXIV wedding theme based on Squaresoft’s/SQEX Final Fantasy video game series. Same-Day Edit Video editing+music selection by Parkershot Photography. 
Guests were cosplaying their favorite characters. Father of the bride – Darth Vader, Mother of the bride – Alice in Wonderland. Not all guests and relatives know Final Fantasy so we let them choose their own favorite characters instead. 🙂
Final Fantasy Themed Wedding (2)
Photography by Rosanna Noel. Check out her blog post to see more photos from the wedding.
Final Fantasy Themed Wedding
Final Fantasy Themed Wedding (3)

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