Beginning of a mission…

Welcome to the official start of CC’s 50 books in 2015 reading mission! I am your host, CC 😉

This goal has morphed into something very unexpectedly cool! When I first thought of it, I was going to comb back through the pages of books by authors that I had already read and/or hold dear but after the events of this week, I will be taking a different approach. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was introduced to several authors this past Monday (some where even local). A list was made and the total was 11. I was left with the dilemma, do I try and find 39 more new authors OR do I take these 11 and read everything they have written? That is the part I have been thinking about all day.

When considering this goal, dare I now say mission, I thought to myself in which way did I want to help the authors…Reading and promoting 50 new names (again I say new as in they are new to me) OR do take these 11 names and put them on repeat until I read every published piece of their work? Now the later would mean that I may only read one book by said author or possibly way more than that.

So, here it is…WeGeekGirls are supporters above anything else. When we find something we like (no matter how large or small) we get behind it and do what we can to see it thrive. Writers are very near and dear to my heart because they courageously put on paper the things that are in their mind in ways that sweep us away, set us down and then keep us coming back for more. Bearing in mind that I will probably surpass my goal of 50 books at some point, I feel best to support each of the authors mentioned as thoroughly as I can. So while I may keep adding authors to my reading list, I will strive to read each author’s work in entirety (at the very least what I can get my hands on).

Without further adieu…I am going to get started! I hope you join me!

Happy Reading,

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