Geek Art: ‘Wookiee the Chew’ Series by James Hance

"Stay On Target!"

“Stay On Target!”

I’m a huge fan of James Hance’s work. The ‘Wookiee the Chew’ is one of my favorite series. Star Wars meets Winnie-the-Pooh. You can’t beat that. 🙂 Here are the latest prints created for the series.

Never Tell Them The Odds by James Hance

“Never Tell Them The Odds”

Chewsticks by James Hance


Braver Than They Believe by James Hance

“Braver Than They Believe”

I Told You I'd Come Back! by James Hance

“I Told You I’d Come Back!”

Ill-most-likely-lose-it-again-anyway-by James Hance

“I’ll Most Likely Lose It Again, Anyway”

Prints are available now: U.S. store ($15) and U.K. store (£10.00)

Follow Hance’s work on: Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | Website (U.K.) | Website (U.S.)


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