50 books in 2015: The FIRST 10

YES!!! I made it through the first 10 books! I am very excited to have accomplished this much and to have been introduced to 9 totally new authors!!

Below is a reminder of all the places I have been so far…

The mind of a 13 year old

On a boat bound for the New World

Hell, England and a fish bowl

An afterlife love triangle

The spooky side of Charleston

Alongside a possession


Searching for a father, avenging a brother

Post Apocalyptic North Carolina


The shadows of Eastern Europe

On the court

It has been an amazing year in reading so far. I can honestly say that I enjoyed each and every one of these books and stand by each and every review.


My pace has me a tad worried…At the moment I need to read a little bit faster than one book per week. I’ve only given myself a deadline once or twice during this process but that might have to change in the next few months…

I still have a stack (physical and virtual) of books to keep me going, so let me get back to it!! Keep me posted on how you are doing, if you decided to join me on this journey!


Happy Reading!



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