Book Nine: Daughters of Shadow & Blood; Book I: Yasmin, Review

Greetings fellow booksters!

I am aware that all of my reviews have been 4-5 star reviews. I don’t know what else to say but that I have been very fortunate to keep coming across work that I really enjoy.

Daughters of Shadow & Blood-Book I: Yasmin by J. Matthew Saunders is yet another one.


Buda, Ottoman Hungary, 1599: Yasamin, the naïve daughter of an Ottoman bureaucrat, finds herself trapped in an arranged marriage to the son of the powerful governor of Buda. She is unprepared for the gossip and scheming rampant in the palace but realizes she faces more than petty jealousies when someone tries to drown her in the baths on the day before her wedding. An unearthly menace lurks in the palace corridors, and the one person able to protect Yasamin is a soldier named Iskander, who seems to appear whenever she needs him. Charming and confident, he is nothing like her new husband, but trusting either of them could be a deadly mistake.

Berlin, Germany, 1999: Adam Mire, an American professor of history, discovers a worn, marked-up copy of Dracula. The clues within its pages send him on a journey across the stark landscape of Eastern Europe, searching for a medallion that once belonged to Dracula himself. But a killer hounds Adam’s footsteps, and each new clue he uncovers brings him closer to a beguiling, raven-haired woman named Yasamin Ashrafi, who might be the first of Dracula’s legendary Brides.

Adam has an agenda of his own, however, a quest more personal than anyone knows. One misstep, and his haunted past could lead to death from a blade in his back … or from Yasamin’s fatal embrace.

This book is a masterpiece! J. Matthew Saunders is a craftsman, perfectly blending non-ficional and fictional history into a suspenseful, sensual, high intensity tale. The gentle ping pong between 1599 and 1999 are easily understood, followable and important in order to fully grasp the gravity of the current situations. The story was perfectly paced with mystery, seduction, gore, love, loss and triumph in all the right places. Saunders’ historical knowledge is evident and detailed, adding to the story immensely. It was a taste of Dracula I have never had from a perspective I had never considered.

***The short chapter layout increased my reading speed which I greatly appreciated.***

No matter if it is for the mystery, the history or a new take on an old tale, I highly recommend you purchase/read Daughters of Shadow & Blood-Book I: Yasmin and anxiously await Book 2 with me!

Find it here:

“Be careful of the shadows”


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