ConCarolinas: Sci-fi Carolina Style

ConCarolinas is a general multi-genre multi-media convention. We call ourselves a sci-fi convention but in truth we cover all speculative fiction – science fiction, fantasy and horror. We hosts a variety of fandom related events and guests, including gaming, discussion panels, costume events, music events like Klingon Karaoke, charity auction, SCA events, fan groups like the 501st Legion, Starfleet, and Klingon Assault Group, and something different every year.

ConCarolinas takes place this weekend May 29th – May 31st


Here is a small taste of what you can expect in this year’s line-up:

Other media guests:

For a complete list of Guests :


2 hour slots (board games, card games, demos, mini-demos, tabletop games)

Friday 2-4pm, 5-7pm, 8-10pm, 11-1am

Saturday 8-10am, 11-1pm, 2-4pm, 5-7pm, 8-10pm, 11-1am

Sunday 8-10am, 11-1pm, 2-4pm

5 hour slots (role-playing games, board game tournaments)

Friday 2-7pm, 8-1am

Saturday 8-1pm, 2-7pm, 8-1am

Sunday 11-4pm

9 hour slots (role-playing games)

Sunday 8-5pm

Dealer Rooms

Friday, May 29
1pm – 9pm

Saturday, May 30
10am – 6pm

Sunday, May 31st
10am – 3pm



Gigi and I are privileged to be a part of this con as Media this year and are excited to bring you in depth coverage!!!!

A pre-con post blitz starts tomorrow and will feature an expanded look at ConCarolinas and exactly what you can expect from the EPICNESS that will be this coming weekend!

Stay tuned here for all the latest coverage.


***All photographs are courtesy of ConCarolinas***

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