The Fellowship of WGG: A Sticky Obsession

It’s safe to say that GiGi and I have met some pretty incredible people over the course of the past two years as WGGs. I thought it would be cool to start a tab for the people we are blessed enough to keep in regular contact with. Being the huge Tolkien nerds that we are, we dubbed the tab The Fellowship of WGG πŸ˜‰

First Up!


Our new friend A.W. originally started his custom decal company as a side job to break up the monotony of his workday. Feeling the need to combine the creative and technical sides of his brain he started experimenting with ideas of bringing his geekdom to the blank canvases he saw around him (walls, car windows, electronic devices, etc.) and thus A Sticky Obsession was born.

A.W. took the courageous step into the land of self stardom and has been working ASO full time since 2014 specializing in geektasic decals and wall art. With over 100 templates and his ability to create custom art, the possibilities are endless!!

GiGi and I met A.W. at this years ConCarolinas (a local con for us) where we took one look at his table and immediately made purchases. When we found out A Sticky Obsession was local endeavor, we knew we had to pay the shop a visit. Much to our delight, A.W. was more than happy to accommodate.

The Process

Normally A.W. creates a design but he wanted to make something with our amazing logo so we gladly let him use it πŸ™‚

Weeding is the process of removing the extra vinyl from the design that its no longer needed.

Being able to watch this process was pretty amazing, not only because it was our logo being cut but because A.W. (and his lovely wife) are two of the nicest (not to mention coolest) people out there. Knowing that the person behind something you ordered genuinely cares about their client and the product they make is HUGE. GiGi and I have gone a little crazy with ideas of things to order fromΒ A Sticky Obsession.

Here’s a look at some of the other work A.W. has done:

A.W. also does glass etching. Now we don’t have these in our hands (yet) but take a look at what ASO can do with a pint glass!!!!

The best place to find A Sticky Obsession is on it’s Facebook page

To place a custom order email A.W. at

I’m not sure if dropping our name would help you at all but you could sure give it a try!!


I really can’t say enough good things about this product. My car is tastefully decorated in ASO (I should have included a picture 😦 ) and I will be ordering wordage for my walls soon! Stop by A Sticky Obsession turn your own blank spaces into geekastic works of art!


Happy ordering!



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