DRAGON CON 2015: Countdown Day 17 (for real)

So, I think I was counting down from Thursday with the last post as that is when GiGi and I will be at DragonCon and our official coverage begins!!! So, with 17 days left, here’s whats up today!


One of the most anticipated events of Dragon Con is the parade. This years sees a newer/longer route to help accommodate parade spectators and Nichelle Nichols will be Grand Marshal!!  Take a look at the new route:

Please note, North Avenue at Peachtree will be closed to pedestrian and motor traffic. North Avenue MARTA riders are encouraged to follow West Peachtree to Linden. Civic Center MARTA riders can head either North to Pine or South to Ivan Allen Jr.

The Dragon Con Parade is a GREAT way to see multiple cosplay groups and guests all in one place! Here is a sample of what WGGs saw at last year’s parade!

Believe me there is plenty more where that came from! Make sure you start out a little early on Saturday to get yourself a good perch for the show!!


Throw us a wave if you are participating in the Parade!!! We’ll be with the PRESS 😉



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