The Bradshaw Challenge: Fangirling

  On Fangirling   If given enough time and a few more resources than I currently have, I do believe that I could write a book on fangirling. The more I find myself stoked about something, the easier it is to fill conversations up with chatter about my favorite things. ALMOST all of my favorite … Continue reading The Bradshaw Challenge: Fangirling

DRAGON CON 2015: Countdown Day 17 (for real)

So, I think I was counting down from Thursday with the last post as that is when GiGi and I will be at DragonCon and our official coverage begins!!! So, with 17 days left, here's whats up today! One of the most anticipated events of Dragon Con is the parade. This years sees a newer/longer … Continue reading DRAGON CON 2015: Countdown Day 17 (for real)