The Bradshaw Challenge: Fangirling



On Fangirling


If given enough time and a few more resources than I currently have, I do believe that I could write a book on fangirling.

The more I find myself stoked about something, the easier it is to fill conversations up with chatter about my favorite things.

ALMOST all of my favorite things revolve around the geek world. So, I imagine it wouldn’t surprise you that I have the perfect filler for this post.


GiGi and I have been doing this WGG thing for about 4 years. Before that, we fangirled behind the feeds of our Facebook accounts. I don’t have the exact number but we have been to over 20 fandom related events in these 4 years and have had some really great moments.

Most of the time we are talking and marveling amongst ourselves while we decide what the best content for the website is. Every now and then, though, our “a fan first” hearts force us to get out from behind the camera, recorder, business card and conversation to TOTALLY GEEK OUT!

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing a LOT photos of myself in total fangirl mode. If you don’t believe me, you can ask GiGi, who is either taking the picture or in it with me.

Enjoy ;p


We’ve had the opportunity to meet a quite a bit of the people who play characters from our favorite fandoms and/or those who dress up as them.

For the most part our fangirl enthusiasm has been met with smiles, hugs (and a few kisses) and for that we are very grateful. My hat is off to the ones who meet the 1,000th person with the same spark that they meet the first one.

*****Story time*****

It was DragonCon 2014. A year prior GiGi and I had spent most of the convention getting our feet wet as we were total convention newbies. This time, we better knew what we were in for and had more time to do a few things for ourselves.

Other than a few of the tracks and friends made on those tracks, our favorite thing about DragonCon is the Walk of Fame. The room is set up in a square and the talent present line each wall and then the inner wall. The volunteers, who do a great job, at least from my perspective, keep the through traffic going through. This matters because, if you move through the right way, you get to see about 100 celebrities. I don’t mind paying for a photo with one or two BUT I can do that for a hundred people, so I am thankful that the WOF is set up that way.

I can’t list everyone I laid eyes on that year BUT I did go looking for a few in particular. The world was two movies into the Hobbit franchise and two of my favorite dwarves were going to be there.

Dragon Con 2014

Me and the fabulous Jed Brophy

Now, I hadn’t had much experience with meeting people who make my dreams come true on the big screen before so I was very very nervous to walk up to any of them. ***That’s something GiGi has been working with me on big time these past 4 years***

When I got round to the section with Jed Brophy, Adam Brown and Craig Parker, and they had a break in the crowd, I knew I had to go up to them.

I started with Craig, who came around his table, gave me a hug and was very happy to take a photo with me. He’s a very nice and funny guy. Adam was much the same.

As I walked up to Jed’s table, he stuck his hand out for a shake and I felt myself begin to lose it a little. I looked at him square in the eyes and told it what it meant to me that he came all the way here to ATL, GA, USA from New Zealand so that we Tolkien fans could have a little piece of the film face to face. I cried a little and he quickly popped OVER the table to embrace me and thanked me with a photo.

That moment meant more to me than I’ll ever be able to write about.

So, Mr. Brophy, thank you for being so genuine and kind to me then and every time I find a reason to tag you on Twitter. I hope that I can make to your beautiful country one day and have a pint with you at the Green Dragon! I adore you!!!!!



The absolute BEST!

If you had told me that I would have had an almost identical experience the very next year, I’m not sure I would have believed you…


That year, in addition to my other fandoms, I had gotten really into CW’s The Flash. And, as a fan of the original series staring @JohnWesleyShipp I was STOKED that he was on the list of attendees that year.

I had just gotten my steampunk Flash goggles from the guys at WarFire Forge when I approached his table.

It was manned only by him and the sweetest looking older couple to his right. Ok, MAYBE there was publicist there but I swear I only saw three people. As I got ready to ask for my purchase, an autograph for my friend Chris and a photo for myself, he stopped me before I could finish and said “What’s your name?”, “Candice, I replied”, “It’s very nice to meet you Candice, how can I help you today”. It took me a minute to form words after such authenticity was felt, I’ll admit. This guy was ALL HEART and it made me adore him even more!

I briefly told him the story behind wanting the autograph for my friend and he thanked me for my support both then and now (I totally forgot to mention my love for The Never Ending Story). After he autographed the photo, he handed it to the couple beside him who placed it in a protective sleeve. I don’t know who they were but something told me they were his parents, beeming proudly up at him from time to time. I hope they were.

When the time came for my photo with him, I got a gigantic, very real hug, the kind where you know that the person really means it. Pure Magic.

Everything I just told you took place in a matter of minutes but time really stood still for me then. I think that happens when someone really cares about what they are doing.

So, Mr. Shipp, I thank you for caring so much about what you do. I didn’t mention The Flash panel you were a part of but you were the best part of it. Not to take anything away from the rest of the cast but you just carry yourself so well, no ego, just brilliance. I’ve told you on Twitter about half a dozen times now…but…you really are THE BEST! Hope to see you again soon!


Whew…I think I just did a fangirl inside of a fangirl post. I hope I didn’t lose any of you on the way 😉


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Until next time,






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