The Bradshaw Challenge: Fangirling

  On Fangirling   If given enough time and a few more resources than I currently have, I do believe that I could write a book on fangirling. The more I find myself stoked about something, the easier it is to fill conversations up with chatter about my favorite things. ALMOST all of my favorite … Continue reading The Bradshaw Challenge: Fangirling

DRAGON CON 2015: Preview Count Down Day 27

(unless otherwise stated all images are courtesy of Welcome to T-minus 27, you know how it goes by now πŸ˜‰ I am incredible STOKED for this line up as I am a HUGE American Horror Story fan and really enjoyed the performances of these amazing people!! Photo Ops (I'll be getting one) as well … Continue reading DRAGON CON 2015: Preview Count Down Day 27